Online Dating

It is quite difficult to find a perfect match for yourself, face-to-face, somewhere in the crowd. Also, nobody is manageable enough to go to each and every next person to talk. Obviously, they would have a big question mark on their faces that what is going on, which somewhere raises a question for us too. Online Dating is one of the perfect means for your love to travel without much distance to follow. But, don’t think that you would find your true and never ending love at such easy terms.

Online speed dating carries some dos and don’ts. So, let us talk about the don’ts first. Firstly, do not rely on the first few clicks of the one you are going or planning to date. They might not be completely accurate as yours. Secondly, don’t get simply flattered on the cheesy lines like, “You are completely talking like my mom”, “I have never seen such a sweet girl before” or many more like that as there are hundreds of them. Don’t just go through the photos you saw and set your date as they are quite easy to scroll down from any internet browser. Do ask for some non-happening or unusual clicks. Don’t just simply tell them where you live and also don’t share your contact details. The most important thing is, don’t behave or act like a small kid as you just got up from a sweet candy store. It not only looks silly but reflects that you are just trying to act like that.

On the other side, do click a photo and place it on you profile that describes you. No need of working on your clicks to impress a girl or a guy (it is completely a waste of time). Learning the lingos is a must do for girls, like usually the boys are in a habit of using the lines, “I have been told that I look great”, they describe themselves as “cuddly”. Do carry nice translations for such dialogues.  Also if you think that the person seems to be true then brush up yourself by opposing his truths in your mind like doubling his age, lessen his height twice he said and add a little weight to what he actually told you.

There is no harm in free online dating but do remember the above things to make your date completely filled with what it actually wants i.e., trust, support and truth of course.