Don’t tell my mom, but I still do online dating.  It started off as harmless, and still is (according to my definition of the word), but has become somewhat of a hobby. On the off chance that you’re curious about how this evolution looks, here’s a chart:

Age Online Dating Use
19 Consisted of quick shame-filled views of strangers who were often missing their shirts.’ Ew, is that a penis? Oh no.
21 “Cool, men everywhere. The possibilities are endless.—Oh look, Grey’s is on.”
23 “My boyfriend is the worst. Coping mechanisms? Yeah, I have Vodka and these guys. I really have to be less judgmental, and messege everyone who writes me back– I am in a wheelchair, after all. ”
25 “Ugh why would half these people even write me? I’m changing my profile to ’interested in women,’ that should fix things.

On second thought, maybe that’s more…

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