21 Things Dating Menu-Part2_graphics In Part 1 of “21 Things to Keep OFF Your Dating Menu,” I shared the first 10 of 21 key ingredients for healthy dating. I whole heartedly believe that single people need sound guidance when making relationship decisions. In Part 2, let’s address the other 11 ingredents.

11. Assuming They Are the Key to Your Happiness

  • Find happiness within yourself first. Go into a relationship already happy and fulfilled. If the other person becomes the key to your happiness, then what happens if one day the door closes on your relationship and the key gets thrown away?

12. Trusting What They Say More Than Their Actions

  • Actions really do speak louder than words. Trust actions more so than words.

13. Losing Your Patience

  • Patience in any new relationship is essential. Allow time and lengthy conversations to develop your relationship. Patience is evidence of growth and keeps you from behaving in…

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